Boy Scout Cake Decorating Ideas

Bubby, a Young Boy Scout
Bubby, a Young Boy Scout

A scout is trustworthy, loyal and helpful. The Boy Scout cake is the perfect way to celebrate advancement in a young man's Boy Scout career. These cake ideas are sure to please even the most hardened Boy Scout.

Tent Sheet Cake
The tent cake is created by using two 9 inch x 10 inch sheet cakes. Bake cakes and set aside. With a serrated knife, cut one of the 9 inch x 10 inch cakes into a long triangle. Cut both the top left and right sides of the cake away, making sure they are even.

Next, set the long triangle over the long side of the uncut cake. This cake will be in two pieces, but set them as close together as possible. Ice the cake in an olive green. This will be a semi-side view of the tent, so remember that when decorating. Use a piping bag to add features such as a tent flap and a window.
Campground Sheet Cake
Make a 9 inch x10 inch sheet cake or larger. This will be the ground section of the campground cake. Mix shredded coconut and white icing, then add two drops of green food coloring. Ice the cake. This will give a rough texture to the cake, making it look like grassy ground.

Use a 10 inch x 11 inch piece of cardstock paper to create a tent. If possible, use a dark green color or Boy Scout green for the tent. Fold the paper in half so the paper is taller than it is long, and stand it on the cake a little off center to the right. It should look like an a-frame tent. Next, apply pipe green icing around the edges in the shape of bushes to help adhere the tent to the cake. Add a fire to the ground in front of the tent.

There are two options to make the fire. Either use large tootsie rolls to represent the lumber in a bond fire, or small tootsie rolls to make logs for a small fire.

For a bonfire, stand four large tootsie pops on end. Latch them together with rope licorice. Set aside. Use orange or red icing to make fire. Pipe a large circle of icing onto the cake. Stand the tootsie pops over the icing.

For the small fire, use five small tootsie rolls. Build a square frame with four of the tootsie rolls. Pipe orange or red icing into the square. Place the remaining tootsie roll over the fire.

Use small plastic trees around the left top side of the cake to represent the forest area.

Add a small pond behind the tent. Use a blue fruit roll up. Cut it into a kidney bean shape or a circle. Lay it on the bottom right side of the cake. Again, pipe green around the edges of the roll up in the shape of bushes to help it adhere to the cake.
Merit Badge Cake
Go to the Boy Scouts' official webpage and download pictures of merit badges. Arrange them so they will fit onto a printed page. Then take the page to the local cake shop and have the design printed onto the cake. This can be personalized by selecting badges that the scout has actually earned. This is a good cake to make for advancements and the court of honor.


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